May Conference 2019

We warmly welcome everyone who is seeking God, seeking to find more of God, or a deepening of their spiritual life.  

In these meetings, God meets those who are in need of:


  • Salvation
  • Ministry
  • Healing
  • Deliverance
  • Baptism in the Holy Spirit

Many who have attended our meetings have met God in a very real way, and left with their lives permanently changed.


We Invite You To Join Us From 17th – 19th May

Why not let us know you’re attending by confirming below >>>


Friday, 17th May at 7pm (Struthers Neath)

Saturday, 18th May at 10:30am (Struthers Neath)

Saturday, 18th May at 7pm (The Bible College of Wales)

Sunday, 19th May at 10:30am (Struthers Neath)

The Bible College of Wales

Struthers Pentecostal Church

Derwen Fawr Rd,

Struthers Pentecostal Church
Pen-yr-Alley Avenue
SA10 6YP

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