October and November 2015

31st October 2015

Oh my beloved, I seek unto thee this night.  I come before thee and I stand before thee as an angel of the Lord asking “art though for me or against me?”.  And I say to thee neither, I am a servant of the Lord Most High and the ground on which you stand is Holy ground.  You must take off your shoes from your feet, for this is Holy ground.   Bow the knee before the Lord Jesus Christ.  Give Him all of thy life and all of thy heart.  And to know that His blessing and His love is towards thee.  Know that it is a Holy place.  It is not a place for you to come in and out of.  It is not a place for you to bring your own desires and yourself into.  But it is a place where you are naked and nothing before thou Holy God.  You do not clothe yourself in your own self-righteousness, your own good deeds.  But you allow yourself to be clothed with the love and the mercy and the grace and the gifts and the anointing of the Holy one.  And then you stand before me and you raise up before thee, thy garments cleansed.  Thy heart pure before thy Holy God.  And I will touch thee and anoint thee.

And I will use thee to speak to many.  That they would know that there is a God who lives, that there is a Christ who loves and who saves.  There is a God whose arm is not short to save, to deliver, to heal.  There is an Almighty God who is alive, in the power of an endless life, and that He’s given us His Holy Spirit that we might know Him and know more of the things of the Lord Jesus Christ.  He will instruct thee in the way to go.

Oh blessed, blessed be His name.  The Lord thy God calls thee this night.  Take off thy shoes and bow before Him, and allow thyself to be covered with His Holy anointing and find that thou art altogether clothed and covered by Him.  And all thy shame, and all thy nakedness is covered by the blood of Christ and by the precious anointing oil.  For it is all past, it is all done, it is all gone away.  All thy old and filthy rags are stripped from thee and there is a new anointing.  A new place for thee this tonight.  The past is passed and there is a glorious future for thee in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Blessed be His name.

1st November 2015

For surely a place of great relief and release will be found for you.  So just enter into that spiritual realm and find thy whole being taken over by God.  And from that place, thou shalt bring forth the Word of Almighty God for the people.  And bring Christ down, that they may understand and they may comprehend how great, how vast, how wide, how deep is the love of God our Saviour for us.

Go into the heavens often, receive the blessing of God, and feed thy people with this truth.  That God who’s called Himself love, is in fact the lover of thy soul.  Thou shalt find great joy in this place.  He has loved you, He has loved you from before the world began.  Chosen and anointed of the Lord.  Let thy whole life bless His Holy name.

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