Thought for the Week - 7th June

Pastor Gareth Watkins

Isaiah 57: 19-21

“I create the fruit of the lips:
Peace, peace to him who is far off and to him who is near,”
Says the Lord, “And I will heal him.”
20 But the wicked are like the troubled sea,
When it cannot rest, Whose waters cast up mire and dirt.
21 “There is no peace,” Says my God, “for the wicked.”

I was reading notes I had made of testimonies given in one of the last meetings we had in the church. They were testimonies of the wonderful things God was doing in people’s lives, we heard of blessings, healings, and the opening of doors. God was with us then and He is still with us now. Though there has been separation, attacks of the enemy on people’s lives, mental assaults, anxiety, worry, fear and uncertainty, we continue to have new testimonies and new anointings. We are still going forward and still being fruitful. We see the victory of Christ coming deeply to many, time and time again He brings His peace through the Holy Spirit.
Redemption through Christ brings us into the peace of God. The above scripture is for the redeemed of God, for those who have repented, turned away from their wicked ways and found Him. God says to them, to us, peace, peace to you who may be far off and to you who may be near, the peace of the Almighty God will come upon you who is in this place.
The battles in the last few months have been nasty and real, they have been in our homes, private lives and spirits. Some felt they had gone backwards, some were under assault, some had lost hope or care for one another, and others lost ground in their spiritual walk, yet for those who have been near, and those who have been far, God brought them through those days and Christ has broken through and given His peace. Peace is a gift from God, a miracle of God and a fruit of the Holy Spirit.
The wicked will not know that peace. Those not part of God’s redemption plan, nor part of God’s redeemed family, will not know peace. God’s peace is for those who have been redeemed and who are walking with Him. Satan brings war to our door step and conflict within and around us, yet we are reconciled through Jesus Christ. We are reconciled with God and can walk in His peace because Christ has redeemed us. Peace comes when there is no conflict, that is not to say there is no trouble around us, but God brings His peace when Christ comes in and makes us righteous before Him. The Holy Spirit comes in bringing peace to our waring raging lives through restoration.
God is good to His children, to those who have faith and trust in Him, He brings His peace time and time again. In Ephesians Paul says that Christ abolished the enmity that was between us and God, He has made us one new man from two, thus making peace (Eph 2:15). Are you still fighting, battling and raging inside from all the forces that surround you? I encourage you to find the peace of God and to dwell in the peace of God. Yes, there may be trouble around you, but you can dwell in peace. Jesus died so that we would not be far off from Him, He died to make us one flesh with Him and at one with God so that we could know, feel, and experience His peace.
The Hebrew word Shalom means peace, but it also means much more than that. It means wholeness, wellness and completeness, it means to be at one. This is the type of peace in which God wants us to dwell.
Are you well? Are you complete? Are you whole?
Christ died so that we may come to know His peace which surpasses all understanding.
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