Thought for the Week - 8th January

Helen Watkins


The lord has called you into righteousness and will hold your hand, I will keep you
And give you as a covenant to the people.
A covenant is a relationship between two partners, who made binding promises to each other and work together to reach a common goal.


There were four commandments during the course of the Bible, and the same promises were made by God who continued to strive to find a way of reconciliation with His people.


But as the heart is deceitful and continually lets us down, together with our persistent failure to live according His requirements, God sent His last covenant or New covenant – as in Jeremiah 31 – that this covenant not given before would be written on our hearts.


So when trials and temptations assail us and heavy loads drag us down, remember this covenant that He has made with us, that He intercedes for us.


He can never break His promises to us.


He loves us with an everlasting love and calls us again and again to Himself.



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