Thought for the Week - 14th March

Pastor Gareth Watkins

Joshua 3:5

And Joshua said to the people,
“Sanctify yourselves, for tomorrow the Lord will do wonders among you”.
Last week we looked at Joshua and the importance of God’s anointing upon those He chooses to lead His people. We questioned our ability to recognise anointing, and highlighted the choice we must make to trust and follow despite our own opinions or feelings, just as the people of Israel would have had to.
Trusting God to go forward in the direction He has set can be difficult. We must relinquish our control, strength, desires, and conquer fears of the unknown. We cannot become who we are intended to be, nor fulfil the plans God has for us, if we don’t trust and continue to trust Him completely.
The children of Israel trusted Joshua and his first instruction to them was to sanctify themselves. It is crucial for us to sanctify ourselves as we choose to follow. Sanctification doesn’t just happen to us; it is a choice we make over and over again to keep ourselves right with God. It requires us to continue making the right decisions, reject sin, be obedient, die to self, and keep going forward in reverence. When we are walking upright, we will be equipped to do whatever we are called to do. Being right with God is vital before stepping out, we cannot do these things in our own strength.
When the people chose to follow Joshua, their arrival at the promised land was not immediate. They had to continue the difficult journey, with the miracle yet to happen, and wait and trust that it would. This is true of us also, and just as they had, we too have to journey through the difficulties and lean on the promises of God as our security.
God’s plans for us are not of harm, He wants only good for each and every one of us. Let us keep trusting, keep going forward, and God will bring the miracle as He leads us to where we are meant to be.
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