Thought for the Week - 17th May

Pastor Gareth Watkins


“…as I was with Moses,
so I will be with you.”

When God commissioned Joshua to lead the people on after Moses, He commanded him to be strong, courageous, and trust in that which was promised to Him. Joshua was heading into what would have seemed an impossible battle, and impossible it would have been, but God. 

The God who was with Moses, is the God who is with us. He is the same God who led Joshua to every triumph over the impossible, and the faithful One who did not leave him or forsake him. Just as Joshua was commanded in His walk, so are we in ours. 

When we go through times of struggle, it can feel as though the distance between us and our Father is vast. Wounded we retreat into ourselves and the gap grows further and further seeming to leave us desolate and exposed. What easy pickings to the enemy! This however is not the how the Christian should respond in these times, and the distance is one of our own making.  

God has promised that He will not leave us or forsake us. We are not to retreat into the sorry places distrusting His word. He has commanded us to walk ahead in full and unwavering trust that He is with us. God commands us to be strong and of good courage. Sometimes amid every possible assault and discord, when we can’t see what is ahead, that strength and courage is just the continuing on one step at a time. One step in simple obedience in the knowledge that our God is for us, is more assured than anything this world can offer.  

In the face of hardship, don’t witheringly stray into the dark places of sin from within and without. Walk boldly towards your place in eternity with Christ by your side and His Spirit dwelling within you. Stand in His promises and observe His word, let it permeate your heart and mind directing you in all His ways. Ensure that you remain upright. Do not let yourself be pulled from left to right but remain steadfast on the path He has set. Continue in these things and you will be prosperous and have good success as you allow Him to lead you unto Himself and into eternity. 

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