Thought for the Week - 20th December

Pastor Gareth Watkins

Deuteronomy 26: 5

“And you shall answer and say before the Lord your God:
‘My father was a Syrian, about to perish,
and he went down to Egypt and dwelt there, few in number;
and there he became a nation, great, mighty, and populous.”

Like Jacob we are few in number, but in 2020 we have seen our church grow. We have seen our reach be extended by God across the UK and the number of people multiply on our online services and meetings. God has called us and is making us into a mighty people. My question to you today is this, are you part of this great calling, part of this small church family who are called by God to further His kingdom? If you were to take your sight off yourself and your difficulties, your eyes would be opened to see the wonderful things of God and what He is doing in your life and around you.

Around 350 years ago, a small group thought to be about 130 people went to America to set up a new Christian society, they faced many hardships, drought and famine. Together they prayed and their plea was answered by gentle rains that were just right to restore their crops. The wonderful blessing that came upon these people, their thanks and their faithfulness reached far and wide and has continued through all the generations that followed. From this 130, approximately 35 million people to date can be connected back to them, from which there have been presidents and vice presidents, statesmen and stateswomen, writers, poets, preachers and church leaders and many others that have touched lives yet might not have been if it were not for those original 130. God hasn’t called you by mistake, He hasn’t called you to this church by mistake or to play your part by mistake. God has called you to be part of a Godly heritage.

Jacob went into Egypt with a small group and came out with a multitude. Jesus fed 5,000 men with food given by a boy who played his part. How many people will be fed in Wales and beyond because of what you are doing in 2020 and 2021? How many lives will come to Christ because of the foundations that you are helping to lay? You are part of a great work that God promises to build upon. As we enter into 2021, look with anticipation and excitement at what God is going to do, this year, next, and for many to come. We are now in another lockdown, do not lose sight of what is important, do not become distracted from the bigger picture, keep your spiritual eye focused on where you are headed, and He will satisfy.

God is building His church and has gathered us into a place of security, strength, and blessing in which He satisfies the longing of our souls. Let us be a thankful people, God is good, and His mercy endures forever. (Psalm 107)



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