Thought for the Week - 26th April

Pastor Gareth Watkins

2 PETER 1: 2-8

“…add to your faith”

We know that one day we will pass on into eternity. Knowing this gives much to look forward to, but what about the days we live in now? The time between now and then matters, and what we do in these days matter. It is not the things we have, jobs, cars, and money, it is our relationship with Christ that is important, how well we know Him, and how closely we have walked with Him.
Peter speaks on this, he is encouraging us to add to our faith in these days, we are not meant to continue as we were at the point of salvation, we are meant to grow. We are meant to be partakers of the Divine nature, gaining knowledge, self-control, Godliness, and love for one another. Like an athlete in training would be disciplined, motivated, desiring, fervently seeking and pushing forward to further their skill, so must we as Christians be diligent in our faith, furthering our spiritual lives, and adding to those around us.
We are blessed with the rich and wonderful word of God week after week through an abundance of preaching and ministry on many platforms. This is our manna, our food. – Are you partaking of it? Are you engaged, gaining ground, and adding to your faith? Or, are you in the same state of old?
Often what causes us to remain stuck where we are is a stronghold of sin and darkness within us. It might be part of our nature, bitterness, hardheartedness, or a selfishness that grips and stops us moving on as we hold onto it and refuse to let go. It could be beyond that where a demonic darkness has taken hold from which we need deliverance. Many Christians see these matters as something that affects ‘others’, people who are ‘troubled’. It couldn’t possibly be them, the nice smiling Christian!
The fact is we are all sinners, and where there is sin there is darkness, and where darkness continues in our lives we are open to be bound by all manner of things that don’t belong to us. If we don’t recognise these things within us, we will continue to struggle, something inside of us won’t be made new, and we won’t change.
  If there is something struggling inside of you that won’t be made new, take it to God and keep taking it to God, take it to your ministers, to someone you trust, and diligently keep working at it until it is removed from you and you are free, made new, and a partaker of the Divine. Be someone who is adding to their faith and adding to those around them.
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