Thought for the Week - 27th September

Pastor Diana Rutherford

LUKE 22:15

I have eagerly desired to eat this Passover with you.

Communion is a time of giving and sharing fellowship in the body and blood of Jesus Christ in remembering His death. Quite different from preaching, communion is as though we sit around the table sharing together. Christ longed for communion with His disciples and as he sat and ate with them at the last supper, He knew what was to follow. He knew the death he had to face and the sin that He would become, yet He still earnestly looked forward to eating the Passover meal with them. This was a coming together beyond the miracles, crowds, and great signs, to simply gather behind closed doors and open up something of the eternal treasures of the heavens to them in the giving of the bread and wine.  

When we come together in fellowship, we come to share in something we have in common with one another, our appreciation of the life and loveliness Christ. We gather sharing our love for Him and to honour His death. We come washed in His blood and forgiven of our sins. When we meet with each other, we do so to give thanks and express our love for Him and not to just take all we can get.


The fellowship that Christ has with us is setting forth of the priceless glories of our Lord. Lockdown was different for each of us, some found rest whilst others faced more challenges, and some may have lost the cord of fellowship with Christ in which He shares this priceless glory.


When was the last time that Jesus came and revealed something of eternity with you? When was the last time you sat quietly in His presence, or came with your heart’s love to just worship Him? When we seek Him in this way, there comes a communion between our soul and His. It is in this process of taking our eyes off ourselves and being lost in God, that there comes to our heart the revelation of His beauty that cannot be given or taught by man. Only the Holy Spirit can bring this to us.


If you’re feeling troubled on every side, then this is the way through spiritually. We don’t keep praying focusing only on the problem, but worship, honour, and glorify our living God. It is in this place we begin to find our way into something of the revelation of who God is, of His Holiness and His perfect name. It is just one touch of His glory that can open up to us the eternal where we find the refreshing of our spirit and the dimming of our troubles that we so desperately need.


Fellowship in worship is so often the lost cord in the Christian Church. When we gather let us leave knowing we have had a precious time of communion.

‘’Having stilled our hearts before God, and quietly contemplated the redemption that has set us free, we go away to our homes and to another week of toil saying to each other haven’t we had a precious time of worship and communion.’’ – Spurgeon
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