Thought for the Week - 28th November

Pastor Gareth Watkins

MATTHEW 25:14-30

Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things.
There is much in heavenly and spiritual realms that we cannot understand. Even what we might regard as ‘the basics’ of God’s love and goodness is more than we can fathom, but how wonderful it is that we can marvel in awe of it all.
Though there is much we can’t understand, Jesus instructs us how to follow Him in very simple and practical ways. He teaches us heavenly principles by using parables which are examples of everyday situations that we can relate to. Earthly stories with a heavenly meaning.
Many of us will know the parable of the talents in which a master gives his servants various amounts before leaving for a journey. On his return, 2 of the servants had increased their talents through trading, whilst the other had done nothing with his, just kept it safe in a hole in the ground.
The word talents in this context refers to a unit of currency; the money or gold used at that time. However, more than just money, here it represents something entrusted to them for which they were responsible for. For me, this represents Christ, the Master, who has entrusted us with ‘talents’ for which we are responsible for until he returns.
Many of us have been very blessed financially, we see time and time again that jobs and opportunities open up to people as they continue on their walk in Christ that otherwise wouldn’t have. There is much we are given, but we are not just given it to do with what we please. That isn’t saying we aren’t to enjoy these things, after all God wants to bless His people. However, what we are blessed with has been given for us to steward, it is not ours but God’s, and we are responsible for how we use it to glorify Him.
Just as the master said to the 2 servants ‘’Well done, good and faithful servant’’,can Jesus say the same to you?
We are not just given financial blessing, each of us will have different things that we are entrusted with to do good ”according to our ability” (v.15). Some of us have the blessing of time to serve in whatever way is needed, or compassion for others and the ability to empathise, whilst others are good organisers or anointed in ministries. Whatever we are blessed with, we all have a responsibility to use it to support the work of the church in the furthering of God’s kingdom.
What He gives us is personal to us, chosen specifically as a perfect fit for each individual. We are not called to do something or give something beyond our means and abilities. Our talents are God given, they remain His but have been given to us to use. Don’t be like the unprofitable servant, ”cast into the outer darkness to a place of weeping” (v30), be faithful with what you have as God is ever faithful to you.
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