Thought for the Week - 3rd July

Pastor Gareth Watkins

Psalm 103: 1-8

Praise the Lord, my soul!
All my being, praise his holy name!
Praise the Lord, my soul,
and do not forget how kind he is.
He forgives all my sins
and heals all my diseases.
He keeps me from the grave
and blesses me with love and mercy.
He fills my life[b] with good things,
so that I stay young and strong like an eagle.
The Lord judges in favor of the oppressed
and gives them their rights.
He revealed his plans to Moses
and let the people of Israel see his mighty deeds.
The Lord is merciful and loving,
slow to become angry and full of constant love.

On Sunday in Church, we heard many testimonies from people who had placed their trust in God, which God had honoured with a miracle.

It can be hard to trust in God.  It means that we have to let go of our own strength, counsel, ways and traditions.  We have to say that we trust God as we go into that river of life, and that life He has for us.  We have to trust Him with each of our steps forward.

The Bible says a lot about the type of things we can trust God with.  The above passage gives us indicators of the things we can trust God with:

  • Forgiving us for all our sins.
  • Healing all our diseases.
  • Redeeming us from destruction.
  • Crowning us with kindness and mercies.
  • He’ll be gracious towards us.
  • He’s slow to anger towards us.

He heals all our sins… not just one or two, but them all!  He heals our diseases – we need not be bound by our illnesses; we can be free!  We are all bound to destruction without God, but He redeems us!  He satisfies us and doesn’t keep us in a place of dissatisfaction.  He gives us good things and shows unmerited favour towards us!  We might have done all sort of things, we might get it wrong, but He isn’t angry at us.

These are just some of the things we can trust God in!

If we’re going to go on in God, we need to learn to trust Him more.  Are you trusting in God?  If you’re not trusting in God, what is holding you back from following God and trusting in Him?  Sometimes, we have to go one step further and not just mentally agree with these things but verbally say them.  The Bible says to confess things with our mouth, believe it in your heart.  We need to verbalise things!

Do you doubt in your mind that God can forgive you, that He can heal you, that He has a kind position and tender towards you, that He desires to show unmerited favour towards you?  Our doubting minds can let us down.  It’s important that we control our thoughts and bring everything back to what God said.

Take control back of the truth from the enemy.  We need to readdress our own thinking, and get the trust in God to go on further in Him.  There’s new depths for us to go into each time!  In order to move on, we have to control our thoughts, trust in God with all our hearts and lean not on our own understanding (Proverbs 3: 5).

Do we trust God?  Do we see how our minds can let us down?  Our minds don’t naturally want to come under the teaching and counsel of God.  We need to bring it back to what God wants.  If we do, God will bring satisfaction.  We find a far better life with God than without Him!

Sometimes we need to remind ourselves of the truth God has for us.  Say it out loud!  It’s a confession before God.

Romans 10: 9-10

If you confess that Jesus is Lord and believe that God raised him from death,
you will be saved.
For it is by our faith that we are put right with God;
it is by our confession that we are saved.

Life isn’t just about the physical and here and now, there’s an eternal life to come!  We have to be saved!

We’re meant to confess these things that God says to us and thank Him.  There’s a spiritual impact when we do – it embeds the truth of God in our hearts and those of who are listening!  It gives us the strength to move on further in God.  We need to confess with our mouths the things that God has done until our day of salvation.

We need to confess it with our mouths, believe it in our hearts and align our minds with the truth of the scriptures.  God will bring something for us in that confession right up to the day of salvation.  One commentator said that oral confessions declares the things of God, confirms the things of God and seals that truth of God in our hearts.

Would you trust in God?  Would you lean on Him instead of your own understanding?  Would you go onwards in God.

When Christ was on the cross, he cried “it’s finished”.  Did He mean that His work finished at that point?  No, He is saying that what is passed, what has followed and what is yet to come is already finished.  He has already done it – for then and for now and for the future!  You can trust in Him and you can go on.


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