Thought for the Week - 10th April

Pastor Diana Rutherford

The Mercy of God

The word mercy means compassion or forgiveness.  We often think of mercy and judgement going together hand-in-hand.  I’ve often heard that if we were able to see sin through God’s eyes, we would be horrified.  However, if we saw mercy through heaven’s eyes, we’d be overwhelmed by the goodness of God!  What we catch on earth is a glimpse of the mercy of God – we feel His forgiveness for our sins, His compassion in difficult circumstances, and His love when we’re struggling.  But if we were to see the whole mercy of God, we would be overwhelmed by who God is.  In heaven, the mercy of God will be our anthem!

We think in our hearts that there must be conviction of sin and repentance in our hearts before we can feel the mercy of God.  But the mercy and love of God has existed since before the beginning of time.  God loved us whilst we were sinners, in our degradation and our filth.  In our sin, God loved us!

God’s mercy for us is vast and incredible!  In Psalm 36:5 we read: “Thy mercy, O Lord, is in the heavens; and they faithfulness reacheth unto the clouds”.  Think of the vastness of the heavens!  God’s mercy fills the heavens and spans down to us!

In Psalm 25:10 we read “All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth unto such as keep His covenant and His testimonies”.  All the paths of the Lord are mercy and truth!  All you need to do is keep yourself in Christ.  Let the mercy of God to you reign in your heart!  If the Lord had not been on our side, none of us would be where we are.

Truth goes hand-in-hand with mercy… The more we walk into truth, the greater the mercy of God will be to our soul.  You will never experience the fullness of the mercy of God unless you face the truth.  Don’t miss the phenomenal mercy of God that breaks on a person’s soul when they cling to Him and try to do the right thing!

We can’t have salvation unless we first find the mercy of God.  In Psalm 13:5 we read “But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation”.  We cannot follow Christ without trusting in His mercy; that He will forgive us our sins.  The worst sins are those we commit after becoming a Christian… after we’ve found salvation and the forgiveness of Christ.  How much more do we need the mercy of God when we sin knowing the truth of God!

The truth is that we are utterly dependent on the mercy of God.  Sometimes we take an easier road and wonder if we’ve missed what God has for us.  Trust in His mercy!  If His mercy is as high as the clouds and as wide as the heavens, then there is enough mercy for you to find a second chance into your calling.

The enemy accuses us of our sins, flags them and stops us rejoicing in our salvation.  The truth is that none of us are good enough… but we can trust in the mercy of God!

God has forgiven us entirely – we can have a total trust in the mercy of our God!

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